Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello and Welcome

Over at my other blog, I mentioned that I had decided to start up a blog specifically for WoW. My "real life" stuff is naturally very important to me, and I love to write about it, but I also enjoy gaming and wanted to go into more detail regarding that side of me. I figured having two blogs would give my readers a heads up as to which world of mine they'll be jumping into when they read one of my posts.

Quick intro:

My gamer handle is Misneach (pronounced "mish-nock"), which is Irish-Gaelic for courage. I'm a prot warrior on the Bloodhoof server and a proud member of Call of Fate. Most of my guildies call me "Mis."

I've been playing WoW since July of 2007. My wife is also an active gamer...a rogue by the name of Cheesi (we'll get into the origin of that name later). We've just gotten back into the game after a several-month hiatus.

I'll be using this blog to chronicle some of my experiences in Azeroth, the endearing dysfunctional family I call a guild, and hopefully some future successes as we brave the snows of Northrend. You probably won't get much in the way of theorycrafting here because when it comes to that, in the words of the great Ratshag, I generally can't be bothered to remember the details.

I'd also like to note that I'm jumping into the WoW blogosphere right after one of the greats made his exit. BRK, we'll miss you. No one can fill your shoes.

More to come.