Friday, April 3, 2009


As I mentioned earlier, my wife is a gnome rogue named Cheesi. As promised, here is the origin of that name:

When I started playing WoW, she was determined to not become a WoW Widow and created a druid on my account to try it out. She enjoyed playing the game and decided to get her own account so that we could play together.

Around that time, her grandfather's health was fading. She travelled to Tennessee to visit him and met his dog, Chiisai, which is (romanized) Japanese for small. This carried with it a bit of irony, as Chiisai was a Great Pyrenees who was the size of a riding lawnmower.

Upon her return, while she was waiting for her druid to get transferred over to her new account, she created a little gnome rogue and named her after the dog. She played with the spelling a bit and came up with Cheesi (pronounced with a long i). Even after her druid made it to her account, Cheesi eventually became her main.

She's quite good at the rogue class, causing all sorts of havoc in battlegrounds and, in the BC days, giving me fits trying to keep my threat high enough for her to not pull aggro.

Cheesi's been on hiatus as well and is still on the road to 80, but she's getting there.

PS: Women of Bloodhoof, before you decide to
  • /target Misneach
  • /flirt
watch your back.


Lara said...

You my dear husband are so kind. I think I will take a week off and you can rest assured I wont stealth up on you and pick pocket until next week. :D

koalabear said...

Cheesi kicks ass! I can't wait until she is 80 and can start running with us again.

Misneach said...

At the rate she's going, she'll end up dinging 80 with her DK before Cheesi.

koalabear said...

Well whichever toon she gets to 80 with, she will kick ass :D