Monday, April 6, 2009

No Naxx for Mis

This past weekend I had to bow out of our guild's Naxxramas run.


Saturday I had to make an epic five hour journey to reacquire the kids, then make the five hour journey back. I got home before invites went out, but there was just enough chaos in the house that there was no chance I could be a productive member of the team.

Sunday night they were going to go back in, but again I was unable to attend for similar reasons (house full of kids, splitting migraine from living in a house full of kids, etc). It's really starting to get frustrating.

I don't like to go off on "the way things used to be" tangents, but in the BC days I was the guild's main tank and raid leader. I spent so much time in Kara I had a tab running with a couple of the concubines. For a period of about six or seven months, I was in there every week taking as many guildies as I could and helping them get geared.

Now, thanks to my hiatus, I've lost my MT spot and I'm barely geared to run heroic anything. I can't seem to find the time to do much to improve that, either.

Probably the most frustrating thing is people (in my own guild, no less) saying things like, "you'll grow into your role eventually" or "you'll learn how to tank if you do it more." How quickly we are forgotten.

Anyway, if you've made it this far thanks for letting me vent. I didn't intend this to be a "feel sorry for me" post. Just a little something that I had to get off of my chest.

/rant over


koalabear said...

I really do think it is like riding a bike, you never forget, just might take you a few to remember what you already know.

Personally, I don't hold it against you that you had other things going. This is why we are a casual guild and not a "raiding" guild. I honestly don't think anyone else had a differing opinion either.

As we have already mentioned, if you want to run stuff, we are here to help :D

Don't stress dude, if and when you are ready and/or available, then that is when you are.

as a side note, my word verification is kinda funny: amoutat


Misneach said...

Yeah, I know. Part of the reason I love CoF is that we really do have a cool bunch of people who understand what the priorities in life should be.

I guess I'm more frustrated that I can't contribute like I used to, you know?

But, things change. Gotta come to terms with that.

koalabear said...

Maybe it is time to let Mis go and start over with a new toon?

I know you have a ton of alts, so give it a shot.

Misneach said...

I've kicked that around, but I like being a tank too much. I'm sick in the head like that.

Besides, I'd have to change the name of my blog :)

It's just an issue of finding balance, I guess. RL vs. WoW.

koalabear said...

Yeah I understand that. I had to really change the way I played when my computer died and I started sharing with Rick. It is even changing again this week, with the notable difference that I have less time on now >.<, but hey I will work with it.

Wish you luck!

Misneach said...

Thanks. I'm hoping to maybe get some heroic/raid time this week. The dust is finally kinda getting knocked off and I'm feeling like maybe I can actually be an asset in a group again.

Just need the dpsers to watch Omen :)

koalabear said...

well you do know that omen isnt needed anymore right? that blizzard implimented their own threat meter?

im up for running stuff with you, im on from like 8-9 server time then back on around 12:30

so if you want to run some stuff, im all for it. i have a pretty nice list of people to run with if we cant get enough guildies to come.

Misneach said...

Yeah, I'm aware that they have a built-in threat meter, but I still use Omen. I like it and think it looks sexy :)

Tank rant incoming...

I really don't care if people are using Omen, KLM, Blizz's UI, or a buzzer that sends a small electric shock to their genitals when they get too close to the tank's threat. Nothing bugs me more than dpsers who can't keep their epeen in their pants.

Even if the tank's undergeared and isn't pumping out threat as quickly as the ubertank they usually run with, that's no excuse for causing a wipe. Watching threat is part of their job.

I won't name names :)

Tank rant over.

koalabear said...

im really guilty of that when stuff isnt marked >.<

but i usually only kill myself. i even made a macro for it. although i need to tweek it so that it goes off when i die

so rule of thumb with me: mark kill order, or i will end up pulling aggro >.<

Misneach said...

I believe very firmly in marking everything that isn't a non-elite pull. Much cleaner and helps the tank a lot.

koalabear said...

i wish all tanks were like you

Cheesi said...

I wish all men were like him. :)

Misneach said...

But if all men were like me, then you'd leave me for a better looking version of me.

Cheesi said...

But if all men were like you, they would all look like you too. :D I could have many of you and that sounds like lots of fun for me. :D

Misneach said...


koalabear said...

ooooh naughty blog comments