Monday, April 13, 2009

Sons of Oh Dear - Part 2

So I spent my Saturday polishing Hodir's helm, blowing Hodir's horn, and thrusting Hodir's spear.

Afterwards, I needed a scalding hot shower.

And counseling.


koalabear said...

Big Baby

Misneach said...

I'm touched by your support, Mill. Much the same way I had to use a doll to show the therapist where I was touched by Hodir.

koalabear said...

Well they do have big beefy hands, and those horns on their helmets . . .

I should also remind you that I am playing a warlock for a reason ;-)

koalabear said...

I had to post a comment just because my word verification is "trance"


not sure why, but it made me giggle