Monday, February 8, 2010

Enter the Tank

Hey. Remember me?

I've been logging on the past couple of weekends trying to get back in the swing of WoW. I missed it, frankly. I missed my guildies, I missed raiding, and I missed cursing every time I get aged yolk (if I don't get that proto-drake before Cataclysm, I'm heading over to the frickin' wolvar, I swear).

Saturday I pulled one of my marathon sessions. I was trying to squeeze in dailies while running after the Baby Tank and keeping the Puppy Tank from peeing in the house.

Saturday night was EoF's second evening in ICC 10. Tatia asked me if I wanted to go, but I didn't want to walk in there with mediocre gear and kill any momentum they had from the prior week when they managed to down three bosses. As the day progressed, though, I realized I really, really wanted to go with them.

So, I picked up the mats for a quick and easy upgrade and signed up. We had a Lock finishing another raid, so we decided to start clearing trash while we waited on him. Started pulling only to realize our other tank, a Pally, was having some technical difficulties. We initially thought it was just a dc, but as it turns out his whole computer went nuts and he was down for the evening.

Down to eight raiders, now, with a tank (that would be me) who's out of practice, undergeared, and trying to hold on to 200 The Damned (hyperbole intended) while all of our better-geared dps go nuts on them.

It worked. Don't worry, I was surprised, too.

We cleared to the first boss, had one of our crew bring in an alt tank, and filled the open slot. Had some difficulty with Marrowgar, but two shot Deathwhisper and the Gunship. Marrowgar was even nice enough to give me a mace as a "welcome back to raiding" gift. It got late, and we called it a night.

When I was raiding more regularly I generally overgeared the content we were attempting. This was the first time in a while I undergeared the content and, subsequently, had less of a margin for error. All in all, I think I did ok.

Might even sign up again for next week.


shieldbreakr said...

Seems all us tanks are coming back down from the attic. I got back into the swing of things on Saturday as well, but I am not as fortunate as you to have a guild to welcome me. Fortunately Deathwing has some decent PUG's and I had a great time.

"I missed it", I definitely can relate to that.

Welcome back, Mis.

Misneach said...

Thanks, and welcome back to you as well. Hope you find yourself a guild home :-/

Nitedragon said...

Seems like just as you come back I'm leaving. Maybe one day we'll play together again.

koalabear said...

skill > gear always

you have the skill m'dear and you did just fine. Despite the problems we had with Marrowgar we did so much better this week than we did last week. You have no idea how many times we wiped on Lady D and the gunship battle. Going in and 2 shotting both of them was amazing. I am so glad you were able to join us. :D

Nite I miss you too!! :(

Misneach said...


I miss my bear tank. Get back online soon.