Monday, February 15, 2010


After last Wednesday's..."issues"...with ICC, we walked in on Saturday and one-shot all the content we had previously cleared. We then two-shot Saurfang.

The Turned Champion isn't really that bad of a fight when you get down to it. It just requires communication, especially when things don't go according to plan. If, for example, a Blood Beast starts gnawing on melee for some reason, don't panic...just say something to the ranged responsible for picking them up. There's not a ton of room for error, but you can get yourself out of a fix if you stay calm and just talk to each other.

We took a look at Festergut and are going to give him an honest effort tonight if we can manage the personnel. There was a lot of "do we have the dps for this?" talk, but I think we can do it. The mechanics on that fight aren't as complicated as some of the other ICC fights, so our dps crew should have enough room to work without that much distraction.

I also learned that I can't tank Heroic Halls of Reflection, specifically, the waves at the beginning. I gave it my best effort, but simply cannot pull it off. If the mobs all came from the same place, I could manage, but because they're coming in from all over the room it's a little too much for this poor, old, beat-up Warrior to handle. I also get a bit of lag sometimes when dealing with AoE, so when a rifleman drops a frost trap on top of whatever AoE the group is doing I end up with a couple seconds of a frozen screen only to return to find a dead healer.

I'm sure I could do it, but it would take some practice. The problem with practicing a unique set of pulls from a specific instance, though, is that four other people are paying for it, too...both with time and repair bills.

All in all, it was a good weekend in Azeroth. Got my Ashen Verdict ring and even managed to putz around with the holidays. I don't think I'm gonna get titles out of both of them, but I'll settle for some achievement points and vanity items. My banker is very happy with her new Lovely Red Dress, but keeps bugging me about the black one.

Hopefully we can take out Festergut tonight and cross another boss off of our progression list.


Kadomi said...

Good luck with Festergut. We just recently downed him. He has pretty steep DPS requirements, so even coasting through Lower Spire, he's rough. Everyone should be prepared to break at least 5k DPS.

As for H HoR, it's rough, but infinitely easier if you have a priest or paladin to CC the riflemen or mages for you. Just one ranged mob less makes it tons easier to manage.

Kensai said...

HoR seems to be built for CC. My best bet was to run with my own Prot Warrior and my friend's Prot Pally. I switched to arms when we fled the LK and it was a LOT easier than when i single-tanked the waves. So, either your group remembers they have CC, or bring a second tank.

Good luck with uncle fester, he's a tough nut to crack, the first real encounter in icc, imo.

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