Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well That Sucked

Went back into ICC last night for what was supposed to be a quick clear of a couple of bosses to set us up for some progression on Saturday.

It. Didn't. Work.

As far as issues beyond our control go, the overall server lag was horrible. I didn't really notice it on my end until BoneStooooooooorm. What with Marrowgar spinning around and coldflame all over the place I couldn't move effectively or pick up aggro quick enough when he stopped. It also hurt the tanks as we tried to stay locked together to split the Saber Lash both at the beginning of the fight and immediately after Bone Storm was over.

Beyond that, I personally didn't do very well. My positioning was crap as was my threat gen. For the life of me, I just couldn't get to my spot, get my body properly facing the boss, and get close enough to the other tank in time.

My solution? I think I need to run some random 5s and/or lower level raids. Not only will the emblems help me snag some upgrades, but I really need to knock off as much rust as possible to be effective again.

Saturday, I felt really strong. Last night, I didn't. It's gonna take some work to get back to the point where I can tank successfully on a consistent basis.


koalabear said...

There were other problems going on as well.

I can't understand why with us spamming heals on you guys how they didn't seem to register. Ness was telling me that he was only getting like 3k heals, which just doesn't make sense.

Just so discouraging. :(

Anonymous said...

I spammed heals like a mofo and you guys still dropped almost instantly. What's frustrating is that it's a certain amount of the unknown as far as what went wrong.

Misneach said...

It was an odd experience overall. I'm convinced the server lag was ultimately what did us in, because we couldn't figure out exactly what was going on. We had basically the same healing team as last week, and didn't have those problems.

No worries, though. You two are great healers and we'll get it next time.

Vel said...

Hopefully with the discussion Mil and I had tonight will remedy some of the issues we had. Lets just forget wednesday happened and go in fresh on Saturday.

Tam said...

Yeah, our tanks keeled over on Lord M the last 25-man we did. Cue: much shame from the healing team. But lag really does hammer you in that fight, especially during the bonestorm. I'm sure, in short, it wasn't you ... or at least, it wasn't only you ;)