Friday, February 26, 2010

Trial of the Crusader

Finally got the chance to finish ToC last night. I had previously been in on a couple of runs that didn't work out way back when EoF was trying it for the first time. Last night, though, we cleared it and I, at long last, got the achievement for it.

My observations are as follows:

It kinda sucks.

I've heard people say it sucks, but now I know for myself that it, indeed, sucks.

Filler content FTL.


koalabear said...

The only reason I keep putting it up there is because people can still use items from there.

I prefer to do a quick Ony or VoA on Thursdays.

Gwenny said...

It does suck, but it's easy...and those damn twins still ahve my trinket and that giant bug has my staff...

Anonymous said...

I still need the 1st couple bosses to get my achievement.

Ness said...

I've always liked it. And I know badges are easy to come by now, but if they haven't changed the 3 badge per boss, it's a great way to score some quick badges. 15 for about 45 minutes of work. Only way you'll top that is back to back Occ runs =D

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