Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It's proof that I live in a house with six women when I get excited that my new cape matches my tabard.

Snagged the new back piece from the AH for a ridiculously cheap price. It was an upgrade from the previous cloak that I had, even though it reads more like a feral tank item. I could afford not having defense on the item because I was way over 540 before equipping it, and I love me some expertise. I also upgraded my shoulders to these thanks to another AH deal.

I still need upgrades across the board, but at least I'm getting myself in position to be an asset in a raid rather than a liability.

I really need to get rid of my TBC trinket that I'm still running around with. It's getting embarrassing. I'm thinking that even after they change the Emblem system I'll still get my old Pocketwatch's big brother. I feel like I'll get my tank card taken away if I don't.

Also, my new profile picture and Twitter avatar reflect my new image. I busted out the Just for Men and gave Mis a midlife crisis makeover.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I just hope it matches your socks as well...