Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh Come On

Laziest. Mount. Ever.


Rorik said...

Awesome screenshots. I think the commentary is perfect. I don't think Azeroth was built with Mammoths in mind.

Misneach said...

Thanks :)

Both were accidents that I had to snap a shot of. I also have a tendency to get stuck in Stormwind's Canal District when I encounter a narrow road and a streetsign.

I guess architectural retrofitting is out of the question?

inmysissyrobe said...

Haha. These screenshots seem to get funnier with every addition.

I'm kind of imagining Misneach stomping regularly into the used mount dealership in Dalaran, in his tier-whatever armour and what looks like his engineering goggles, grabbing the goblin manager by his ears and booming on about how the sunroof on the griffin was simply not up to scratch.

Misneach said...

LOL. I was promised iTunes tagging! Where's my iTunes tagging?!?

My only regret with this one is that I didn't take the screenshot when the Orc landed next to me and started doing the MC Hammer dance. The absurdity of a human on a mammoth on its back with his gnomish spouse and creepy Argent Squire hanging out with a dancing orc was epic.