Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Misanthropy II

This time it's personal.

I like most of the people in our guild. Most of the people in our guild are friendly, helpful, and a joy to play with. Most of the people in our guild don't suck.

I don't like some of the people in our guild. Some of the people in our guild are whiny, elitist, or are just a chore to play with. Some of the people in our guild suck.

I stepped down as an Officer of our guild when I took my hiatus. We have another rank, "Veteran," that is higher than "Member" and lower than "Officer." When I stepped down, I was demoted, by my request, all the way to Member. I'm OK with that choice and I have no regrets. Our guild needs more than I was able to provide.

I try not to do a lot of complaining about the people in our guild. In one case in particular, the vast majority of our membership likes the person who I'd like to roundhouse-kick-in-the-face, so complaining would be more harmful to me than anything else.

What's the point? I have little to no idea, frankly. I guess my question is what do you do, as a guild member, when there is a minority of people in the guild who you absolutely can't stand?

I suppose you could simply avoid them, but, in my case, some of the people are raiders and our guild has a very small number of people who raid on a regular basis. If I chose not to run with them, I'd be shutting myself out of raiding.

You could say something about it to an officer or guild leader, but, again, would you be hurting yourself if that person had friends in high places?

The extreme solution would be to simply leave the guild, but if you liked the majority of people you'd be burning bridges to save yourself from having to deal with the asshat minority.

So what's the solution?

I don't know.

Maybe venting in a blog post will make everything better.


Lhian said...

Unfortunately, I think a lot of people deal with this. I know I do. I absolutely love the majority of my guild, but there is that handful that everytime I see their name in guildchat, I mentally groan to myself in irritation.

I wish I had a magical solution on how to deal with these individuals. Mostly, I just try not to let them get to me and sit there imagining them getting ganked over and over and over...


I'm sorry you're dealing with this issue as well. All I can say is hang in there!

(Also, sarcasm is usually lost on these people. If someone is going on and on about how wonderful they are and about how they're DPS is so much better than anyone elses blah blah blah, I usually reply back with a, "Oh yes, you are simply amazing, I don't know how we ever got along without you." It'll be lost on them but will at least make myself feel better. ;D)

Misneach said...

"If someone is going on and on about how wonderful they are and about how they're DPS is so much better than anyone elses blah blah blah, I usually reply back with a, 'Oh yes, you are simply amazing, I don't know how we ever got along without you.'"

Gotta remember to try that one. I'm sure it'll fly clear over their head and they'll think I'm bowing down to their uberness.

Jaz said...

I cant say much cause I'm guilty of that once in a while. But I can understand how you feel because frankly there are a few people in the guild that really grates on my nerves. I just tend to tune them out. And if they are in a guild raid I'll just go along for the sake of the guild. But if its a pug I usually will tend to pass.

Misneach said...

For me, it really becomes a question of how much I'm willing to put up with on a given night. If I can go along merrily and not pay attention to anything they say, I will do so.

By the way, you're not one of the people I can't stand :)

koalabear said...

I knew talking in guild chat would cause problems ;-)

I wish I knew what to tell you about "those" people. I have a few on my list as well. Hell I'm an officer and there isn't much I can do either. Just sucks :(

We're pulling through though

Jaz said...

LOL well I hope so considering I have been hardly on at all these past few weeks and I havent bragged about my DPS anytime recently ;)

I am proud with my healing though but you cant really brag about that because heal numbers dont usually mean much. It fluctuates a lot depending on the type of healing you're doing.

If I'm really in a grouchy mood though and I'm sick of somebody bragging about how good their DPS is, best in the guild, yah dah yah dah yah dah, I just tell them my DPS on my mage. Usually shuts them right up. But I think i've only done that 2 or 3 times out of the 3 years I've been playing.

Misneach said...

@Mill: Like I've said before to some of our other guildies, you can't really /gkick somebody for being annoying.

As long as they haven't done anything kickable, there's not much even the guild leader can do without saying, "Because I said so."

And no, you're not on my asshat list either :)

Misneach said...

@Jaz: I don't care how often you talk about your DPS, because you can back it up.

At least you're not the type to post a meter mid-boss fight.

Pardon me for my bold text.

Jaz said...

LOL ahh thats classic :)

Valkure said...

Hm. One of my guilds has a few people that make it onto multiple ignore lists. They're ignored in raids, in gchat, everywhere. For those few that don't raid too often with us, that seems to work. It helps that those people being ignored aren't in positions of giving directions.

It's always tough dealing with a few bad apples. :(

Misneach said...

@Valkure: One guy has a couple of alts in our guild, but his main is elsewhere. He finds it necessary to give instructions...every time we do a fight...even if it's exactly the same group as last time.

I chalk it up to an inability to remember, but it really grinds on a lot of us.

inmysissyrobe said...

Issues are much less serious for me because obviously I'm not especially close with my guild, nor do I raid ... or, actually, do anything with them, now I think about it. I think because we conceive of guilds as spaces safe from the external forces of WoW asshattery, it's considerably more annoying and awkward to deal with them you do encounter them in guild. And I never feel I can actually comment in the way I would if it was just some random because you're committed to a joint cause.

Sorry, this is not helpful, so much as my whinging on your blog :)

But here's hoping your luck changes and Misanthropy III runs out of funding and never gets made ;)

Misneach said...

I can't imagine there's not a good deal of camaraderie in the Dwarvish Gentleman's Club.

Misanthropy III got greenlit. Bryan Singer's on to direct.

Kalimistt said...

I have 1 person that particulary bothers me in my guild. I have ignored her on all my toons. If I find her macro spam of dumb pictures or stupid comments on my screen, I ignore her on my newest alt. Luckily, taking that 1 person out of conversation relaxed me a lot...Now if only the guild leader didn't have a quiz game addon...

Misneach said...

Wow. If somebody in my guild had a quiz game addon I think I'd be forced to hunt them down IRL and administer a beating.