Friday, July 31, 2009

Broadening Her Horizons - Part II

I enlisted our second child's help in demonstrating the abilities of another tank class to the Baby Tank.

See those, Kiddo? Those things are why Daddy says bad words when he fights Paladins in battlegrounds.


Zaphind said...

No comments yet? OMG I laughed out loud... which is never a good thing when I'm at work!

I can't tell you the number of times I'll be in an arena doing 3v3 and hear across the vent, "The pally f--ing bubbled!" Usually followed by another stream of expletives describing how he was down to 150 health prior to that, and now he's back to 100%.

Misneach said...

:) Glad you enjoyed it.

I've been hitting WG and the BGs hard the past couple of weeks, and I've developed quite an anger management issue whenever I see a bubble go up.

But, of course, when the Paladin's on my side guarding a flag with me I'm happy as a clam :)