Thursday, July 30, 2009

All Dressed Up

With nothing to tank.

3.2's on the horizon, and as such, I have little to no motivation to do much of anything PvEish. When the patch drops I'll probably be wanting to hit some heroics, but right now it seems a little pointless.

That explains my recent PvP adventures. I log in, do some auctioning, maybe do the cooking and fishing dailies, try to run at least one WG, and hit some BGs to round out the night.

At the rate I'm going, my PvP set is gonna be more purple than my tank set pretty soon.



Last night I was doing the "Go get the herb pouches from Horde players....or you can just kill the elementals and stock up on Crystallized Life which you have no other way of getting as an Engineer" quest along with the kill 10 Horde players quest and the other WG PvP dailies that you can accomplish without actually engaging in any PvP. The daily fishing quest was there, too, so I was able to get a chunk of gold and honor in one zone.

Efficiency - I likes it.

Anyhoo, I'm going to the Steppe of Life and stop on my way up the hill to say something in /gchat. All of a sudden, while my chat box is open, some Rogue decides it would be fun to try and stunlock me. I casually delete the text I had written and got rid of the chat box so I wouldn't end up entering "Hey guys I think it would be cool if 52432627252423" in /gchat.

He managed to knock my health down quite a bit, but I popped a pot and Enraged Regeneration and took care of him. Cheesi was watching over my shoulder and giving me some insight into what he might try as I fought him, so with a Rogue advisor on my side he didn't have a chance.

Got 5 of my herb pouches off of him. Life is good.

I encounter an Alliance Shaman on the Steppe who whispers me:

Shammy: There's a rogue hiding around here.
Me: Yeah, I just killed him.
Shammy: Nice.

I'm feeling good about myself, so I go about my business. I don't wanna spend all night on the Steppe, so I round up two elementals at a time: one of the smaller ones and one of the bigger ones.

When I'm on my second or third round of elementals I notice my rogue buddy saw an opportunity to take me out considering I was already in combat and at about 3/4 health. I didn't react fast enough, and he succeeded.

Me: Argh. He just killed me while I was in combat.
Shammy: He did that to me. They fight like that. Should've stayed. Sorry, man.
Me: Don't worry about it. All's fair in Love and Warcraft.

We won the WG that started about 20 minutes later. I made sure to pay special attention to any Undead Rogues I saw running around during the battle in the event that I encountered my new friend.

I hold nothing against the guy. Like I said to the Shaman, all's fair in Love and Warcraft.

In fact, if I could talk to him I'd probably thank him for making my night more interesting.


inmysissyrobe said...

You are just the nicest guy in the universe. Seriously, when I grow up I want to be like Uncle Mis.

I can imagine plenty of people would have resented the rogue for taking advantage of like that ... even though it was PvP, and everything, as you say, is fair in love and warcraft.

Misneach said...

I'm hardly the nicest guy in the universe...imagine Dr. House but less cool because I'm not Hugh Laurie. It's just that I"m on a PvE server and I appreciate a change of pace now and then. If I were on a PvP server and had to deal with 80 levels of that I'd probably be a little jaded about it.

This is "War"craft, not "Be nice to each other"craft. I probably wouldn't have done it that way, but we all have a different code of ethics we follow and the moral rules we set up as individuals usually land somewhere in the gray.

WG is PvP zone. If you're there, there's a chance you'll get killed. Either get pissy about it or enjoy the excitement of it, you know?

MomentEye said...

Good attitude.
In the words of SouthPark:
"I think we all learned something today..."

Misneach said...

Anytime I inspire a South Park quote I feel as though I can boldy embark on the rest of my week knowing I made a difference.

logtar said...

I need a rogue over my shoulder or just roll one because I still cannot freaking kill them consistently.