Monday, July 20, 2009

Into Battle

I've been acquiring mounts for my Albino Drake. I realized that, at 43 mounts, I would only need 2 more in addition to the 5 extra mounts the Argent Tournament provides (400g + 5 Champions Seal's each). It occurred to me that I was very close to being able to afford a war mount from the honor system, and I already had enough marks to pick up the Stormpike Battle Charger.

So, off to the BGs I went. I spent most of the weekend in my Prot build...not doing a ton of damage but enjoying silencing, stunning, interrupting every caster I could get my hands on, and running flags. I had fun and picked up the marks to get the Black War Steed.

Yesterday, I decided that maybe my secondary skills would be better served if I took an Arms PvP build instead of the PvE Fury build I never seemed to use...ever.

I levelled Arms but haven't gone that route since my early 60s and, while there were some things I recalled, I still had to get back in the groove of using Hamstring combos and some of the other tricks PvP Arms Warriors use. I did have some serious fun with Bladestorm, though.

I did receive a lovely whisper that said "You're the worst Warrior I've ever seen. Stay out of the BGs until you learn how to play" (which I addressed with a pleasant "I just respecced Arms after playing Prot for a long time. Thank you for your constructive criticism." This led to a "I was just talking about your Hamstrings and stuff." End of conversation, I returned our flag to the base, we won), but I did much better on the damage meters and landed more killing blows than I ever have. I didn't make as good of a good flag runner, but I was much more effective in one-on-one combat.

I picked up some meh PvP gear to load some Resilience, but I'm planning on upgrading that as I get more honor. I'm also thinking that, when I get some better gear, I may want to give Arenas another go.

It's certainly nice to have something to do when not instancing that doesn't involve doing dailies over and over. PvP can be infuriating, frustrating, and a lot of fun.

Oh, and I did finally pick up the Drake.


koalabear said...

Congrats again on your drake!!!

Misneach said...

Thanks :)

Now I can begin lusting after a drake of the proto variety.

Strumpet said...

Grats on the drake.

People who tell other people they suck in bg's need to get a life.

Misneach said...

@Strumpet: Thanks!

I think people who tell other people they suck in BGs need to stop typing and start killing.

inmysissyrobe said...

Gah! With comments like that Misanthropy III: The Misanthropy Strikes Back has probably already hit post-production.

You do seem to be having an unlucky tard time of it in WoW at the moment.

But congrats on the drake!

Misneach said...

@Tam: Fear not, I wouldn't waste Bryan Singer's time or the budget on that guy. This event was not worthy of being the climax of this epic trilogy.