Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Prot PvP

Blizzard has, more or less, stated that Warriors, by design, fall into these roles based on their spec:
  1. Protection = PvE Tanking
  2. Fury = PvE DPS
  3. Arms = PvP
So let it be written, so let it be done. The Powers that Be have spoken.

Well, here's the thing. Since I haven't been able to make raids lately due to scheduling, I've spent a good deal of time in BGs and Wintergrasp. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I made my secondary spec Arms since I just didn't see myself using Fury at any point in the near future.

The problem is, my PvP gear needs some work.

How do you get better PvP gear? You PvP.

So, I've been collecting honor, Stone Keeper's Shards, etc and picking up PvP pieces. Once I get a respectable set, I'll feel comfortable walking into a battleground as an Arms Warrior.

Until then, since the vast majority of my gear is designed for a Protection Warrior, I've been PvPing as a Protection Warrior. I swap out my stam trinket for one with a bit of resilience on it to make up for the fact that PvE gear has none, and I boldly walk into battles ready to sword and board my way to the middle of the damage meters.

My observations:

A lot of people will categorize a tank in a BG as a flag carrier or somebody who is only useful when you need to tank the bosses in AV. While we are certainly well qualified for either, they are, by no means, the only roles we can fill.

As a Prot Warrior, your strengths are exceptionally useful on the battlefield. You're built to be hard to kill, and, whether it's a PvE mob or another player trying to kill you, you are still hard to kill. This, in and of itself, is an advantage in a battleground. If a group of opponents decide they want to take you out, it takes time. That time allows your teammates to do something without having to worry about the group that thinks you'll be an easy HK.

There have been several times when a group of 5 or so Horde have decided to use me as a punching bag in a Warsong somewhere in the midfield. That's 5 less Horde that my flag carrier or flag defenders have to worry about. If I can keep them occupied, it gives my team a temporary power play of which, hopefully, they will take advantage. I don't care about ultimately dying, but if I can stay alive as long as possible I'm helping my team.

The Protection talent Warbringer is so good as a PvP talent that I'm afraid to write about it because Blizzard may nerf it. You can Charge in any stance and in combat. That makes you a terror for an opposing flag carrier. Charge them, tangle them up a bit, and then if they get range on you Charge them again. Don't forget about those pesky trapping Hunters and blinking Mages.

As a Prot Warrior you've been blessed with an amazing collection of abilities that can stun, interrupt, and silence. If you're reading this post as a Prot Warrior, I won't have to list them because you should already know what you have in your arsenal. Just remember that Heroic Throw silences if you spec into Gag Order and Revenge has a chance to stun if you spec into Improved Revenge.

That Heroic Throw silence is golden (cwutididthar?) when you're fighting someone in melee range only to realize that (a) some caster is pummeling you from a distance or (b) there's a nearby healer. Just target the pest, Heroic Throw, and shut them up for a few seconds.

Your stuns can be amazing when you're carrying a flag, too. One big piece of advice I can give you is to learn how to do a jumpshot. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's basically jumping in the air, turning in a half circle, using an ability, then turning back around before you land while never breaking stride. Hunters who are really good at kiting use this a lot and, if you know one, they can probably give you a pro tip or two.

Why learn to do a jumpshot? Imagine that you're running with the flag and you've got a couple of your opponents behind you giving you grief. Jump, turn, Shockwave, turn back around, keep running, laugh when you cap the flag. It's useful and it'll make you look cool.

And, finally, don't forget that fear isn't just for Warlocks. Intimidating Shout can really come in handy.

Case in point:

Last week we had a Pally running the flag. Behind the Pally was a group of Horde. I was a little ways behind the Horde and we were all in our tunnel. I picked a Hordie in the center of the group, targeted him, Charged, and cast Intimidating Shout. They were running around feared while our Pally capped the flag and ended the game.

In closing, you probably won't be topping damage meters. You won't necessarily be leading the BG in kills or killing blows. What you can do, however, is far more important than those things, and that's making a difference in the battleground and helping your team win. As a Protection Warrior, you are well-equipped to do just that.


Zaphind said...

Wow.... I fell in love with you after reading the last paragraph:

"What you can do, however, is far more important than those things, and that's making a difference in the battleground and helping your team win."

I wish I could get more people to take this attitude in Battlegrounds. Especially on the Alliance side, where too often I see people running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off: no coordination, no communication, no plan. Just chaos. It's no wonder we lose 80% of all battles.

I've tried confronting the people who insist they are there just to "farm honor", and explain to them that they would get far more honor points from working to ensure a victory than they ever could from just randomly seeking out HKs. But mostly they are just idiots and don't get it.

Misneach said...

I've seen that a million times myself.

A WSG or two ago I was heading down to get the flag while everybody camped midfield and farmed HKs.

I died, repeatedly.

When some loudmouth proclaimed he was gonna "win the battle for us n00bs" then all of a sudden other people magically became interested in flag capping.

I suppose had I been a loudmouthed jerk I would've got some help, but if 3 or 4 tries at the flag doesn't net me a support team, forget it.

It's all confusing, infuriating, and entirely not surprising every time I zone into a BG.