Friday, October 30, 2009

Hallowed Be My Name

That post title felt a little blasphemous.

I don't usually do holiday stuff, but Cheesi and I spent a lot of time last year racking up Hallow's End achievements. When this year rolled around, I was only about 5 away from the title.

By the way, Blizz, thanks for getting rid of that "get 428 masks by trick-or-treating" achievement.

Anyway, my wonderful guildies put up with me last night long enough to help me get the "Hallowed" title. We killed the Horseman over and over and over and I managed to pick up the Squashling and the Hallowed Helm thanks to a couple of lucky rolls.

Eckhart/Sunfury is desperately seeking the Horseman's mount. I don't particularly care if I get it or not, so if I have the chance I'll try and help him get it. He'll have one less roll to contend with that way.

I'm really just happy with the title. Of all the holiday events, Hallow's End is my favorite. Who knows? Maybe actually accomplishing this one will convince me to be a little more active with the holidays on a go-forward basis.

We'll see.


koalabear said...

I called this.

You know I did.

Eck has the mount on Eck, he just doesn't have it on Sunfury.

Misneach said...

Yup, you called it.

I was really hoping my DK would get to do it last night to give an extra summon.

koalabear said...

well if you wanted to bring him to get the ring/sword/helm to use when he hits 80 you can and we wont complain.

of course you will have had to use Mis' summon first :D

Misneach said...

Nah, I'd only bring him to give you guys an extra summon. I don't care if he gets anything or not.

I'm just very appreciative that I was able to get the achievements.

SSB Jezi said...

Grats! For the hallowed one you really have to get lucky! grats to both of you!

Nitedragon said...

ugh, all the stuff i'm missing