Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RL Crit

How much defense does it take to eliminate crits from real life? Anybody?

The last five days have been crazy. Absolutely, completely, insanely crazy.

I haven't been on WoW the past two nights, which is probably a good thing considering I was way off my game while we were raiding over the weekend. Sloppy pulls, forgetting to Vig, etc. Just wasn't really with it.

Still, we downed Kologarn and hit a brick wall with the Iron Council. Still couldn't get Ignis, although we think we know what we were doing wrong so he should drop this week. We one-shot the bosses we had downed the week before, which is a good sign.

Tried out ToC and got nowhere in a hurry. We weren't expecting much out of it, so it wasn't a huge letdown. We just wanted to get in and poke around a bit.

EoE was epic frustration. I'm two kills shy of my CotFW title (Maly and H-AN). I really wanted to knock Maly off that list, but we just couldn't get a decent shot at him. First try, wiped in Phase 1. Second try, wiped in Phase 2. Third try, wiped in Phase 3. Theoretically, one more shot would have probably done the trick, but we just didn't have it in us.

We overgear the heck out of EoE, but most of us hadn't seen it before and there's enough going on that lack of experience with the fight can and will be your downfall. We'll get him sooner or later.

I'm hoping to sneak in a couple of raids this week, but my RL drama is still unfolding, so we'll see how it plays out.

Gonna try to toss up a post here or there, but they'll probably be a bit more sporadic than normal.


koalabear said...

People were too eager to touch Maly's balls


forthebubbles said...

IC and Maly are both pricks. So much so that I actually have "Iron Council can die in a fire" and "Phase 3 of Maly can die in a fire" tags on my blog. :P

No shame in stumbling on those fights. They suck!

Alas, there is no def cap for RL. :(

call_me_kaylex said...

I think it took 27 tries (over the course of 2 weeks) for my guild to finally get Maly down on 10 man. I missed it. Probably good as I cant seem to survive phase 3. We were also stuck on IC. I have a win tip if you want it

Misneach said...

@Kay: As long as "find another tank" isn't your win tip, I'll take it.

Nitedragon said...

we would NEVER find another tank.

Jaz said...

People just have to play smart and stay alive during the first 2 phases.

You have more than enough dps to burn through Phase 1. Need to stay in the bubble in Phase 2. And always make sure to pop resurrection cooldown when people die in Phase 2. Need as many people up when going into Phase 3.

Phase 3 is probably the hardest because it requires coordination on everybody's part. People have a tendency to fly up and down when they get on their dragon. Need to make sure that everybody stay grouped as close as possible and when you have to move, 1 person calls it out and everybody move to the side without flying up or down. If you can do that Phase 3 is a cake.