Monday, October 5, 2009

Ulduar At Last

I love the smell of progression raiding in the morning.

Yeah, I know most of you have cleared Ulduar and have a weekly naked run through it, but it was EoF's first time there. We had a former guildie walking us through the fights, but it was nearly a complete EoF team.

We went 3/4 in the Siege area. We would have dropped Ignis given a little more time, but we put a time limit on the raid because we knew we were going to lose a few folks.

I'm really impressed with the talent we have in our guild. Everybody learns fast...really fast. Flame and XT were two-shot and Razorscale was one-shot. It's good to be surrounded by players who know how to diagnose a problem with an attempt and fix it the second time around.

We're going to have several teams running this week. We set up early runs to help those who can't make the later raid times (and, as a result, haven't gotten to raid very much at all) get some experience and gear in Naxx and OS, and we've still got Ulduar up as a later run to accommodate those who are geared for it.

As long as people keep signing up and bringing their A-game, we can ride this wave of momentum through Ulduar and beyond. I'm hoping to be blogging about ToC in the near future.


Anonymous said...

gratz to everyone. wish i could've been there. hope you guys make it all the way through ulduar.

Misneach said...

@Nite: Wish you were there, too. Gotta get you back online, man.

koalabear said...

We have the talent. We just need to get everyone together. :D

I am very happy to say that our wipes were not caused by people standing in the fire.

I <3 our guildies

Ness said...

Nite does need to get back =D

I'm thrilled about getting into Ulduar. That run showed we definately have the talent for these raids, it's just a matter of timing, getting everyone together.

I'm not "on Twitter" either, but in response to the comment, I would be all for Ony 10, 100% of the way. Pugged it a few times so far, didn't get it in last week as I was hoping to convince the guild to do it after OS on Friday =D WE've got great people that are very smart, so we can make it through that for sure.

More raids! More raids!

Hope you like my wall, haha!

Misneach said...

@Ness: We have the talent and the dps for Ony. No question.

As long as we don't stand where we're not supposed to stand, we could down her.

We're pretty good about not standing in fire/green stuff/black holes, etc., so if we got in there, we'd kill her. May take a wipe or two, but we'd get it done.