Friday, October 2, 2009

Moron, Meet Chat Log

Dear Idiots, if you are going to attempt to ninja a shard at the end of a run by claiming that someone rolled and received an item that you actually rolled on and received, remember that we can frickin' see the chat log, too.

Last night Tatia and I pugged H-UK. We picked up three dps: a Warrior, Shaman, and a Mage. Tatia asks if anyone is an enchanter. The Shaman answers in the affirmative. Cool, if you need any BoP blues or purps that drop, hit need. Otherwise, the Shaman will pick it up, shard it, and we'll all roll for the shards at the end. Pretty basic.

No one needed any of the blues, and the Mage needed the epic ring that dropped off of Ingvar. Easy instance, nice and smooth. Time to roll on Dream Shards.

Warrior takes off. Mage rolls, Tatia rolls, I roll, Shaman rolls.

Shaman: Tatia, you needed on the second blue and got it.
Tatia: No, I didn't.
Shaman: Check your bags, I remember you needing on the second blue.
Tatia: I just checked my bags, I don't have it.

This ensues. Mage gets a shard, I get a shard, Shammy takes off with the last one.

I don't remember how the stock UI chat box works, but Chatter will let you scroll waaay the heck back. So I did.

"Shaman in Question" receives loot: [Blue From First Boss]
"Shaman in Question" receives loot: [Blue From Second Boss]
"Mage" receives loot: [Shiny New Ring]
"Shaman in Question receives loot: [Blue From Third Boss]

It's all there. Plain as day. Why on earth would you sit and argue about something that we can scroll back and see?

It could have been a loot glitch, I suppose. I've had issues where I've greeded/needed on an item, won it, and actually had to go pick it up. Still, though, don't go accusing somebody of doing something like that when it's recorded and we can scroll back and see it.

"Shaman in Question" is probably on the realm forums bashing us or something. Tatia and I both ignored him, so if he's doing it in trade I have absolutely no idea and I don't particularly care.

If that Shaman is reading this (a) you're a ninja...and a pathetic one at that considering all you gained was a friggin' Dream Shard...or (b) you probably should have paid more attention to what actually happened before you started running off at the mouth, considering we can all backtrack and get a good look at the truth.

I swear, WoW needs a minimum age.


Lassirra said...

Technically WoW does have a minimum age. Rated T for Teen and all. (Though no one ever seems to pay attention to that, and it still doesn't weed out the tards over 17.)

call_me_kaylex said...

My guess.. his bags were full at the time of recieving the item and he didnt actually get it looted to him and it's still sitting on the boss.

Or, he's a tard and he couldn't find it in his bags...

OR... he's a pathetic ninja looter stealing a dream shard worth a whopping 15g on my server.

Either way... he'd be on my bad apples list.

Misneach said...

@Lassirra: Should make people provide a notarized birth certificate or something.

@Kay: Yeah, either he's a coward who won't man up to a mistake, a complete idiot, or a thief. Not a big fan of associating with any of the above.

koalabear said...

What pissed me off the most was he was accusing me of being a liar and a ninja.

Im friggen geared for ToC, I DONT NEED dream shards or cheap ass blues from UK.

Pissed me off to no end. I'm still mad about it today.

call_me_kaylex said...

@Koala- you know, but you could go vendor that blue for all 3g it's worth! :P And I'm still pissy about the tree getting my boomkin pants.. and that was over a week ago.

Jaz said...

And thats why I'm the chanter, so that when I'm in an instance I get to pass out the loot and not worry about somebody trying to ninja it from me. :D

koalabear said...

@ Jaz - well I can't be a chanter on every one of my toons :-p

@kay - I'm bummed the resto shammy won the mace from heroic toc, even though I wasn't even in the group. LOL He has the caster dagger I want too.

Jaz said...

@Tatia - Sure you can. :D
Its phyisically possible ;)

koalabear said...

@jaz - no I cant :-p I have to have different profs. My lock is the max enchanter, she can keep track of the DEing. I dont see your tree being a max enchanter on top of your mage :-p

Jaz said...

@Tatia - I only said it was possible. Not that it would be logical :)
Just pulling your leg. :D

Tamarind said...

That is the most pathetic ninjing I have ever seen in my life. Firstly, who needs a a *blue item* or for that matter *a dream shard* that badly. Seriously. I'm an enchanter, I've got dream shards falling out my arse...

It's possibly he just screwed up somewhere down the line and will find the item in his bags 10 minutes later and feel horribly embarrassed.

I've done that before, since it's pretty easy to lose stuff if you're an enchanter - but then I've always mailed the shard apologetically to the appropriate person.

SSB Jezi said...

pugs can be so frustrating! I personally try not to pug anything if i can.. because i have had similar issues.. or the whole bad tank/bad dps deal... It has been so bad for me that I would rather just not go at all than pug...

He is probably a little emo kid.. who thinks he is right and is too dumb to check the logs or his bags...

Chat logs and game logs are win! but someone that stubborn or just plain dumb wont even get it if you smack them in the face with the log lol

Donutron said...

Just thinking with your minimum age comment, that probably wouldn't work. It's quite possible this stupid shaman is a grown adult. :P

I've known kids that create far less drama than 30-40 years olds with huge e-peens.

But yea, I agree this is a silly, horrible person, whatever the case.

Cassandri said...

This is the best thing about being able to trade items for 1 hour. I pretend I'm not an enchanter when I pug and we all (me included) just greed away.

Then, if the people were nice, I'll offer to DE any blues or epics they have won after the last boss "just open trade".

Misneach said...

@Tam, Jezi, Donutron, and Cassandri: I love the fact that you can trade items now without opening a ticket, but you still end up dealing with idiots.

Whether the guy was 14 or 40, he's an idiot. Like I said, if you make a mistake, man up. If it wasn't a mistake and he was actually trying to ninja...well, find something more, I don't know, purple to ninja maybe?