Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finally, Another Breadwinner

Mactire, aka Mac or Big Mac, managed to become a Grand Master Herbalist last night at the tender level of 63. His Inscription is somewhere in the vicinity of 320.

I'm not an alt person, but the possibility of having another 80 with two professions that have the potential to make money is a pretty cool thought.

Ever since I created him, his questing area has been different from his farming area. After stalling his leveling and grinding his gathering, that's not the case anymore. As long as he's in Outland his gathering level is high enough to pick up any herb he comes across and, given the node density of herbalism, leveling Inscription should be relatively painless.

He's already started making money with Inscription. It's not much, but with people leveling alts, dual-speccing, etc, I don't see the market drying up anytime soon. I've sold a Death Knight glyph or two for almost 30 gold which, given the cost of the mats, is a huge profit margin. Considering Misneach's ammo business isn't what it used to be, this will be a nice supplement.

Mis sent him almost 1,500 gold to get his flight training and the Skeletal Gryphon (which I had to have), so I really want to make that back using Mac's professions. Shouldn't be that hard at all.

After Mac makes it to 80, I'll have to get to work on Nabaisti, who has been sitting at 300 skinning for ages even though he's still in his 40s. He needs an epic ground mount and will be begging Mis for the cash for flight training soon, too.

Alts are like kids when it comes to begging for money, aren't they?


shieldbreakr said...

Not just cash, mine beg for badges and champion's seals due to Hierloom items and other crap they really don't need. Heh.

Alchemy is proving negligible returns on my hunter alt, sad I didn't do inscription. I had fantasies of providing all my DK's stoneblood pots with an alt, but that is proving more expensive than just buying them.

Misneach said...

@shieldbreakr: Oh yeah...forgot about the heirlooms. My DK's wearing the shoulders. I foresee much more being passed to the hunter, considering the DK isn't really that hard to level (leveling a hunter is easy mode too, for that matter).

My next wallet assault will be the cold weather flying tome.