Friday, October 16, 2009

RL Crit - Part II

I've gotten into the habit of posting on this site almost every weekday. I've been blessed to have so many people stop by to read and comment, and I've made so many friends via this blog and its related Twitter account. This has been a blast.

Because of some personal circumstances, though, it's time to take a step back and slow down a bit...both here and in-game. I'm not abandoning blogging or playing altogether, but I have to handle some stuff that a pixelated person can't.

I'll probably still post here once in a while. I'll probably still hop on and off my Twitter account as well. Neither, however, will happen as frequently as they have in the past.

Thanks, all. Take good care of yourselves. I'll talk to you soon.


Strumpet said...

Take care! RL stuff just has to come first sometimes!

Cheesi said...

Gray is quickly becoming my favorite color. :)

Nitedragon said...

you guys take care.

Trisk said...

RL must ALWAYS come first, we all have to remember (as hard as it is when a Boss is handing it to us) that this is all just entertainment.

Hope everything works out for you and yours. Look forward to your return, when you are ready.

Thanks for the advise in the past!!

Taz said...

Best of luck in handling all the RL stuff, and know that we'll be here whenever you want to come back. Take care of yourself and your wonderful family!

Ruhtra said...

Hey you go handle your stuff. We will all still be here when you post.

Good luck with the situations.

Tamarind said...

RL comes first - no question of it.

And your loyal readership will still be here.

Good luck!

River said...

Go handle yo buziness.

We'll still be around, and don't be a stranger, we illinoisite gotta stick together.

Indiana is massing at our borders I think. LOL!