Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Mis

Keredria over at Tree of Life tagged me to post some memories of being a young warrior, roaming about Elwynn Forest with high aspirations and far fewer scars than I have now. Here's what my simple, simple brain can recall.
  • When I first started playing, I didn't know you could jump. Seriously. I found out by accident.
  • I also didn't know you could swim underwater. Again, found out by accident.
  • I was told that since I was a warrior, I should be a tank. I ranted and raved about wanting to be a damage-dealer, not some meat shield. I spent decades of levels avoiding the Prot tree like the plague.
  • I got very excited about buying vendor whites to upgrade the greys I was wearing pre-level 15 or so.
  • I was anti-addon. Vehemently anti-addon. I had some kind of purist attitude that was quickly pacified when I discovered the power and glory of Auctioneer and Gatherer.
  • Didn't realize warriors could use ranged weapons, or that it would be a good idea to even have one equipped if only for stats.
Bottom line, I was a n00b in the finest, most magnificent sense of the word.

Now to tag some others. Keep in mind, as a new blogger my sphere of influence is quite limited. Forgive me if you've already been tagged elsewhere or if you're adamantly opposed to being tagged for stuff like this in the first place.

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koalabear said...

Hehe, I did dumb stuff like that too.

Thanks for the afternoon giggle!

Misneach said...

I'm certain we all did, but only a select few will admit it.

This is only the stuff I remember. I'm sure there's tons more. Heck, I still have a n00bish moment once in a while.

Larísa said...

I feel honoered to be tagged! The only thing is that I feel that I've been into this topic before, even though I can't find the post straight away (I'm bad at tagging...)
I'll check it out a bit and see if I can come up with something without repeting myself to much.
Or I'll ask my guest blogger possibly, if I find that I've already shared the stories I had...

Larísa said...

Found one that coeveres it pretty much:

hm... I have to think if I can recall something more or rewrite it somehow... No promises!

Misneach said...

I figured I'd end up tagging someone who's already posted about it in one way or another :)

I really enjoyed reading your post, though. The Gnomer incident had me cracking up.