Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Aggro Addiction

I named this blog Aggro Junkie after trying several names that were already taken. I don't regret my final decision, because it really sums up the way I feel about playing a Warrior, specifically a Prot Warrior.

I leveled Arms. In my low-60s my brother-in-law/GM recommended that I go Prot so that we could run the Outland instances with a real tank, rather than a Fury Warrior with a shield. Muttering under my breath, I respecced.

I haven't gone back.

There's just something about tanking that keeps me coming back for more. Even when I complain about "tank burnout" it's only temporary. If I walked into a raid to dps, I just don't think I'd enjoy it as much.

I am my team's shield. I'm the one thing standing between them and something big with bad intentions. When the boss has me targeted I feel like I'm in control. I'm begging him to hit me with everything he's got.

When a tank is, borrowing a musical term, "in the pocket" there's really nothing that compares to it. The rotation's solid - an ability for each cooldown with Heroic Strikes in between. I've been in fights where it's pure Zen. It's cruise control. No thinking required. Thinking would probably wreck it. Reaction isn't necessary because you're anticipating. You've got the boss and he's not going anywhere.

When the fight's over and the loot's getting passed around, there's a moment of quiet triumph. At no time did the boss consider running after the Warlock that's been pounding him with Shadow Bolts. He never thought about turning around and taking a swing at the Rogue who's been punching holes in his back. He ignored the Mage who's been lighting him on fire and coating him with ice. All he saw was the plate-wearing monster standing directly in front of him, matching him blow for blow and asking for more.

That's why I'm still a tank.

That's why I'm an aggro junkie.


Cheesi said...

You're a true hero. Speaking as both a rogue and your wife. You've always got my back no matter who's I'm stabbing. :-D

koalabear said...

I am eagerly anticipating running with you as the tank.

I am a very bad warlock who pulls aggro, so lets see the aggro junkie keep it ;-)

Shopshopshop said...

Since I usually run as DPS, whenever I tank I always feel a bit useless, like I should be trying to DPS more. In the end, it's more pressure than I want, and I enjoy it quite a bit less than DPSing. To each their own!

Misneach said...

@Cheesi: Thanks, Baby :)

@Millea: I'll take that challenge. Guess you'll be getting Vigilance, then :)

@Shopx3: It's definitely not for everybody. I've known plenty of folks who tried it and hated it. Same goes for healing. You're right, to each their own.

Misneach said...

By the way, Shopx3, I said it on the BA forums but wanted to repeat it here. Your blog rocks and I'm counting on you to help me not be a Fail Knight as I level my DK :)

Thanks for stopping by.