Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Close to Number 2

And no, it's not because I've upped the fiber in my diet.

If all goes according to plan, which in my world is a stretch, I should be an Exalted Champion of Stormwind tomorrow. This will take care of #2 on my list. I would have been in a position to nail it down today, but my plans for last night were shaken up by an extra-long school pageant that basically drained all my energy and I think even sullied a portion of my soul.

I'm also looking forward to hitting Champion so that I can start earning Champion's Seals. The Teldrassil Protector is a huge weapon upgrade for me at this point. As a human, I'd much rather have the Red Sword of Courage due to the expertise on the item itself as well as the racial bonus I get from swords, but this will get me over until then. Just the damage and stat bonuses I'll get make the Hammer of Quiet Mourning I've been lugging around look like an over-sized twig. Besides, I can make up some expertise elsewhere if I need to.

For my screw-around Fury spec, I can also snag the Claymore of the Prophet and maybe sweet talk a Blacksmith into making me a Titansteel Destroyer (with my already-farmed mats of course, because I'm still saving for #1 on the list).

Mostly, I'm excited about the prospect of getting upgrades without having to rely on drop rates. I haven't been in many heroics lately because our guild doesn't have many level 80 healers that are on regularly enough to hit H-UP on a daily basis to try and pick up the sword. PUGging is always an option, of course, but I really hate doing it on too regular of a basis. Working with PUGs can make you a better tank (and I've done my share) but if I can avoid it, I try to.

Step One, though, is to hit Champion. Hopefully the stars will align and that will actually happen tomorrow.


koalabear said...

Malc is a maxxed out BS so he could probably make it for you.

I Vel duel specced to Tree form so he should be around a bit to heal for you.

I have like 7 group quests for IC. They are all 5 man groups too.

Misneach said...

Once I get all the titansteel I need I was thinking about hitting up Mal if he's on. If not, I'm sure I could find somebody in SW to do it for a decent tip.

I cut my Icecrown questing short, but once I get moving again I'll let you know when I start pickup up group quests.