Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Favorite Thing I Forgot

A few posts ago, I discussed some of my favorite abilities and glyphs with which Warrior tanks have been graced since 3.0/WotLK. One very important ability that I forgot is Heroic Throw.

Why does it rock so hard?
  1. It costs no rage.
  2. With Gag Order, it silences the mob, making it great for pulling casters.
  3. It has a maximum distance but not a minimum distance, meaning that if all of your other stuns/interrupts are on cooldown, you can use it right in the mob's face.
  4. It has innate threat, meaning that the overall threat generated by the ability is more than simply the damage the ability causes.
  5. It's instant, which means it's quicker than pulling with a gun and you can do it while moving.
  6. Less gun use equals less money spent on ammo.
  7. If you're running a Deep Wounds spec a Heroic Throw crit will trigger the DoT.
Heroic Throw, I apologize for neglecting you earlier.


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