Tuesday, May 19, 2009

People I Miss

K's most recent post got me thinking about our guild a little over a year ago. While the post itself is somewhat unrelated, the comments made me think about the healers, and others, I used to raid with.

I really miss working with these guys, along with some of the other people from our guild who were great people who made those long raid nights full of constant wiping entirely worth it. Some have left the game, some have changed servers, and some just aren't on nearly enough.

I shall now use my public forum to guilt them into coming back and/or playing more. Just kidding.
  • Briele, our beautiful Priestess who saved my plate-covered backside on more than one occasion. Leveled Shadow, hit 70 and went Holy. Why? Because our guild needed her to. She'd stay up ridiculously late on tough raid nights even though it made going to school and/or working in the morning a nightmare. She's still around once in a while, but I'd love to see her around more.
  • Willy, not only one of my healers, but also my RL brother-in-law (he's Cheesi's brother). His main was a Hunter, and he was a good one. When we realized we were short on healers, he started power-leveling the guild bank toon all the way to 70 and paid for a name change. He got a crash course in Holy Priesting and picked it up quickly. I think he may be on his way back after some RL stuff kept him out for several months. I hope it sticks.
  • Vycodin, one of the bravest guys I know. Like Willy, his main was a Hunter. He initially brought a low-level Lock into the guild to test the waters, then brought his main, and finally became one of our most committed, loyal members. He took his Paladin (Vycodin) all the way to 70, like Willy, because of our healer shortage. Like Bri, he stayed up late with us more than once, much to his own detriment. He had to leave the game due to a RL issue that would break a lot of people. Even though I've never met him face to face, I consider him a friend and miss him terribly.
  • And finally, there's Nagant. On our first Kara run, which included CoFers as well as members of an allied guild (who were extremely well-geared), Nag topped the damage meters despite being in mostly blues and a couple of greens. Anyone who thinks all Hunters are "huntards" who don't know anything about their class never met this guy...or most of the hunters in our guild, for that matter. If I put a blue square over a target for him to trap, I could always rest assured he would keep that mob out of my hair for as long as I needed him to. Besides his talent in-game, he was hilarious. The witty banter between Nag, Vyc, and another one of my favorite people (who's still active) Eckhart was purely epic. RP's more Nag's thing, so he ran off to an RP server to scratch that itch. Gotta figure out a good way to bribe him to come back.
This was more a personal post than anything else, but I guess I can justify blogging about it by saying that this game, this silly little hobby that a lot of people scoff at, can and often does lead to friendships...real friendships. While all of the people listed here are great players, they're also great people.

The only one of the four I have consistent contact with out of the game is Willy, obviously, but even though I've never seen any of the others in real life, it doesn't change the fact that I consider them my friends. We've worked together, struggled together, and triumphed together. Just because that happened in a video game doesn't cheapen any of it.

Random, disjointed post over.


koalabear said...

I just got promoted to officer so I was spending time today reading the old officer forum posts.

It makes me sad I never got to run with Vyc. I hope that his RL stuff turns around for the best and we see him around again, even if it is just for him to pop in and say hi.

When I first started playing I would listen in on your Kara runs, and you guys were fricken hilarous.

I am so happy to see Willy playing more again. He was missed.

I've been working on Nag and he has been coming back to bloodhoof here and there. He was on yesterday evening for quite some time. I doubt he will ever come back on his hunter, but he definately likes his mage and his lowbie shaman.

Bri needs to come back more. She is like an elusive ghost. She hit 80 and disappeared again. Stupid RL.

Misneach said...

First of all, gratz on your promotion! I had no idea.

Second of all, I was very happy when Willy called me Saturday for a refresher on how to install addons when using Vista.

Vyc was one of our finest. No question. He and Paeya were such great people and a joy to play with.

I had no idea Nag's been on. Gonna have to see if I can catch him. It's been too long.

I miss Bri, but I know her workload is huge. I completely understand her absence. I'd probably be more inclined to run heroics if she or Willy were around. Sucks working with a healer I don't know.

koalabear said...

Well then you need to sign up for the heroics run I have for Saturday.

The time says 3 pm server, but that is just an arbitrary one. Willy is signed up ATM to heal.

And thanks for the grats. Ive also been promoted to the bank toon. :D

Misneach said...

Nice. I'll see what I can do.

Still can't get to the guild site from work...grr.

koalabear said...

Did you go DPS? Or did you get duel spec?

Misneach said...

I'm dual-specced, but my dps gear is a mismatch of actual dps gear and tank gear.

koalabear said...

Then we need to run VH for you at the least

Maybe a Nexus run and possibly DTK

Misneach said...

Works for me. If Willy or another healer is around, I can tank and we shouldn't have trouble filling dps slots with guildies.

koalabear said...

Willy is already signed up, just need dps ATM

Cheesi said...

Damn... That post makes ME want to play more.

koalabear said...

You really need to Cheesi! We currently don't have a level 80 rogue that plays. (I think Trat has one, but she isnt on anymore) So you need to level your little gnome booty.

Plus I have some lockboxes that need to be unlocked ;-)