Monday, August 3, 2009

Pre-Patch Blues

I've logged on several times in the past couple of days, but each time it feels like a chore.

There's just something about knowing that a patch is just around the corner that makes me not really interested at all in doing anything in-game. This patch, especially, makes a lot of things feel pointless (i.e. heroics).

I posted a week or two ago that WoW has not yet run its course in the grand scheme of things, but I'm wondering if it's run its course for me, personally.

I'm behind the raiding game...waaaaay behind the raiding game...and the prospect of a new patch with a new raid that I probably won't get to see is somewhat discouraging.

I've been poking around elsewhere, too, looking for a new MMO to play. I downloaded the trail for WAR but got remarkably annoyed at how long the patching was taking.

I don't know. Anybody got any ideas?


Zaphind said...

Fear not... Blizzard to the rescue! They are making sure that EVERYONE who wants to see the new raid content will get to see it. All the instances that currently yield Emblems of Heroism will instead yield Emblems of Conquest, with which you can buy a lot of Ulduar-level gear. So buck up little camper!

Jaz said...

I'm personally just putzzing around until the new Star Wars game comes out. The Old Republic. But that probably wont be out for another year or so.

Misneach said...

@Zaphind: Yeah, I know that's gonna help and I can gear up that way, but I'm remarkably unimpressed with 3.2. Not sure why, really, but it feels like they're just rushing out new content. I'm in the minority with that, and I certainly won't be complaining when I can buy some EoC gear, though.

@Jaz: I'm actually looking forward to getting a look at the Star Trek MMO. Hope it's not a let down.

Shy said...


Misneach said...

@Shy: Heard some stuff about Aion. I'll poke around and see what I think. I appreciate the suggestion.

Misneach said...

@Shy(2): By the way, coolest avatar ever.