Monday, September 14, 2009

New Bloggage

After months of trying to convince her it would be a good idea, Millea/Tatia/Koalabear has started up a blog of her very own.

Go and show her some love!


koalabear said...

aww thanks! :D

Seriously people, go read!

should be updating Mon-Fri at 7 am PST :D





Tamarind said...

I'll take a fruitbasket :)

Jederus said...

Awesome. Added this new blog to our resources page under the 'General WoW blogs' category. Thanks.

Misneach said...

Just as long as Mill doesn't start talking about how much I suck at tanking and leading a guild I'll keep her on my reader :P

koalabear said...

You know I wouldn't be THAT mean to you in public!

In Gchat maybe . . .