Monday, September 14, 2009

Who's Out There?

I don't get as many hits as some of the more popular WoW blogs, but I am shocked at how much traffic I do get. Sometimes, though, I wonder who out there is reading what I'm writing here.

I have some frequent commenters here and folks who respond to my posts via Twitter, so I'm aware of a handful of people who read this crap regularly. I can see where my readers are via Sitemeter (and I'm absolutely thrilled that I'm getting traffic from all over the world...such a cool feeling), but that doesn't give me any idea as to who the readers actually are.

I wonder, for example:
  • How many of my guildies read my blog. I'm aware of a few, but how many others?
  • Does anybody from Bloodhoof who is not in my guild read this? If so, have I pugged with you and done something completely n00bish?
  • Some celebrities are admitted WoWers. I wonder if they've stopped by.
  • Maybe a Blizzard employee or two?  (If so, can you guys hook us tanks up with a target dummy that hits back?)
  • Anybody from the Monster Energy Drink company? (I drink like a gallon of it a day, guys...endorsement?)

Nobody in-game has ever told me out of the blue that they read my blog, but I find myself thinking about it when we pick up a new guildie or when we have a pugged DPSer or something. Is somebody coming in expecting something when they see they're in a group with me based on what they've read here? Am I meeting those expectations or is playing with me not what they thought it would be...for better or worse?

What about you other bloggers? Any good "hey, I read your blog" stories you'd like to share?


Syrana said...

I don't have much in the way of surprise "Hey I read you!" comments. I do have a few guildies that read my blog from time to time and they'll comment in game.

What was cool though, was having a guildie whisper me about seeing me linked on a blog they found when searching for shaman related stuff. xD

Misneach said...

@Syrana: I know of maybe 4 or 5 guildies who read this thing. They bring it up in-game once in a while.

I love it when "real" tank bloggers link to my silly little site. I just feel bad if somebody is coming here for useful information :~\

Keredria said...
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Keredria said...

(OMG major grammar fail in previous comment... I had to delete it)

My blog has been used for good and evil.

First from the evil standpoint, I have told asshats in game that I would see them on my blog, before putting up a clear pic and post about said asshattery. (Hey, I never said I was a mature blogger).

I've had a number of folks randomly wave or whisper me in game to say that they read my blog.

The best story? One of the folks ended up joining our guild after chatting with me on and off over a number of weeks. This person became one of the best pally healers I have ever seen!

Misneach said...

@K: I've seriously considered snapping a screenie and calling out jerks by name on here. One day, I'm sure the temptation will be too great to resist.

Keredria said...

Funniest thing about that was that the asshat did check out his post. He commented on it, giving a lame excuse for his asshattery, then posted a link on his guild forums saying "look I'm famous"!

Misneach said...

I really wish I could say I'm surprised.


Shy said...

I raidlead a 25man on my server. This group has formed out of a day where me and Thror (my bf who tanks for my healer most of the time) decided that we wanted the FL badges.

This group now clears ToC25 btw (woot for amazing pugs), but somewhere on the 4th or so run suddenly someone starts shouting, 'Hey, I read your blog!'

I have to say, my ego was pleasantly surprised :D

Misneach said...

@Shy: Nothing beats a good ego-stroking :)

Got some link love from @guildlaunch on Twitter yesterday, so maybe my pathetic need to be recognized will finally be met...

Just gotta learn to be careful what I wish for :~O

River said...

I'm really surprised ANYONE comes by to read my I mean posts.

But I'm glad they do. Or else I would have to go back to talking to myself.

Misneach said...

@River: With you there. I don't like myself enough to be forced to carry on conversations with me.