Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Call It Like It Is

Sunday I picked up the heroic and regular daily quests, which both happened to be Utgarde Pinnacle. Didn't get to it on Sunday, but I held on to both because it would be easy to kill both birds with that one stone.

Ran it last night and, finally, got the Red Sword of Courage. At face value, it may not look like much of an upgrade compared to the Teldrassil Protector I've been using forever, but I rolled on it (even though we had a DK in the group with a tank spec...sorry, Landel) because (a) it's just a teeny bit faster, which I like in a tank weapon, (b) because it give me a little more stam and, most importantly, (c) because of the Human expertise racial.

I lose a little strength, defense, and parry, but I'm not really fretting over any of that because I'm probably going to grab the Gauntlets of the Royal Watch tonight which will upgrade my T7s. Parry still suffers, but I'm not terribly concerned.

Worked up my sword skill last night from 375 to 399 doing AT dailies and then tanked H-VH with it. I think, based on the results, that I made the right choice...even if I end up upgrading it sooner rather than later.

But that's not the point of this post.

The point of this post is the quest item that needs to be obtained for the Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle daily: the Locket of the Deceased Queen.


They make it sound like she passed away peacefully in her sleep. Nice, gentle, PC approach to it.

If you quested through Howling Fjord, you "deceased" the queen in a violent fashion right in front of King Ymiron.

They should call it the Locket of the chick you killed in your low 70s for a couple gold and a soon-to-be-replaced quest reward.


Strumpet said...

Ah! But it WAS a good feeling to kill her then!

Misneach said...

No question. She had it coming.

Darraxus said...

I am in need of upgrading my tanking weapon. Stil using Slayer of the Lifeless from Naxx 10. And of course we killed the queen. It tied the quest hub together so nicely.

Misneach said...

@Darraxus: The Red Sword seemed like it was going the way of the King's Defender. It's certainly upgradable by a mile, but to be a true Warrior tank you have to have one...at least in your bank :)

And yeah, that was a cool callback to that early 70s quest. Kill the queen, Arthas promises Ymiron revenge, we go kill Ymiron when we're higher level. There's a lot of cool stuff like that in WotLK. I like it.

koalabear said...

This post was post #99 in my feed list for you.

Anything big planned for #100?

Misneach said...

Interesting you mention that, Mill...I've had something stewing in my brain for a couple of days.