Monday, June 15, 2009

Commentary on Mount Changes

I don't care.


Alright, fine. Blogs are supposed to have content, right? (Like that's ever made a difference to me)

Here's why I don't care. The mount changes have no impact on anything other than a leveling character.

Seriously. Will the mount changes get your guild through Ulduar 25, or make it any harder on you to progress? No. Will the mount changes have any impact on you getting enough emblems for your next gear upgrade? No.

But, as always, people complain. It's not fair because I had to wait until 40 to get my first mount and my first flyer only had a 60% speed increase and I had to pay full price for epic mount training and Blizzard's making it easier for casuals and I don't have anything better to do than be a forum troll...Mom, can you bring me another Mountain Dew?

My advice: shut up and deal with it. Hey, here's a thought...try taking advantage of it. I've got a couple of lowbie alts who can be riding much earlier. The increased questing efficiency may be enough incentive for me to dust them off and maybe even get one or two to 80. I did the grind in hard mode once and I'll be glad not to have to do it again.

All I'm saying is that maybe people should take a break from their complaining about the game being made easier or "dumbed-down" and take a look at the bright side. When the next patch hits, go get your lowbie alts a mount. Plus, if you've got a friend who's new to the game it's an opportunity for them to get to 80 quicker and do "big kid" stuff with you.

Remember kids, games are supposed to be fun.

Now quit whining.


inmysissyrobe said...


Yes, yes, entirely agreed.

People whinging about mount changes is pointless and annoying, but people will whinge about anything given half a chance.

I do understand the "well I worked hard for mine so you should have to work hard for yours" mentality as well but that doesn't mean it's a sensible one.

Lance said...


Misneach said...

Shopx3 wrote a post at almost the exact same time that I wrote this one with almost the exact same message. Go check his out at Runeforge Gossip.

It's always nice to know I'm not the only one who prefers having fun to complaining :)