Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Nabaisti (slightly modified Irish Gaelic for Of the Rain) was my second character, created while I waited for Mis to change realms to Bloodhoof. He's a Night Elf Hunter (doesn't everybody have one?) with a Young Nightsaber named Riabhan (Irish Gaelic for Striped One).

I leveled him off and on and got him to 45. When they changed the pet talent mechanics and gave us some extra stable slots, I picked up a bear as well for a Tenacity pet. His name is Mathuin (modified Irish Gaelic for, you guessed it, Bear). I actually borrowed his name from a Druid who I created and played for a while but deleted because, at the time, that class just wasn't cutting it for me. Bear form felt like Warrior-lite and I couldn't get into it. I'll probably try the Druid path again at some point, though.

I played Nab for a while last night when I couldn't tolerate the lag I was getting in Dalaran with Mis. I was also in desperate need of a change of pace.

I could've played one of my other alts, maybe my Paladin or Shaman to try and help out with our guild's healer shortage, but I felt like I needed to play Nab.

Why, you ask?

Because I missed the pets. Riabhan has been a loyal companion since very early on in my WoW experience. I couldn't bear the thought of him and Mathuin sitting in the Stormwind stables...neglected, lonely, and deprived of the opportunity to sink their teeth and claws into anything other than an occasional rat.

Nab's a strapping young Night Elf, so I wasn't concerned about him. I'm sure he spent some time in the Pig and Whistle with a couple of Draenei ladies offering to show them around Darnassus if they ever make it out there. He's fully capable of entertaining himself, that one.

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