Friday, June 12, 2009

Burn the Land and Boil the Sea

You can't take the sky from me.

Number 1: Accomplished

I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.


Rorik said...

So how did you manage to get the money for epic flying skill and how long did it take you?

Misneach said...

Hard to pin down a time frame because I was making purchases, paying repair bills, etc. Add to that buying dual specs and picking up some fury gear.

I did the daily thing and sold ammo. I actually checked out selling in smaller stacks like you suggested, but on my server people generally use the same per unit price across the board. I did ok with the 1k stacks.

Last night, to seal the deal, I threw some titansteel and eternals up. Thanks to engineering, eternals are easy to come by.

Jaz said...

If you have the time to grind out 25 dailies every day its really easy. Sell anything you picked up to the vendor. I usually sell the greens as well because they usually cost a lot to be listed on the AH. Doing that alone should get you to 5k in about 10 days. Now if you stop and use your gathering skills while doing the dailies you can make more money selling those on the AH as well.

Misneach said...

I can only knock out 15-20 dailies, except on weekends. Even then, if you keep your head down and do them diligently getting to 5k is easy. Gathering really got me there a lot quicker, as I mentioned.

As far as greens go, some of them vendor for as much as 13g (which is basically like getting a free daily). Definitely worth simply selling rather than trying to get them up on the AH.

Jaz said...

Get the 16k merchant mount. Then go quests/dailies, kill stuff, sell and repair on spot and you'll be at 5k in no time.....;)

Actually that'll probably be my next goal.

Jessika said...


Shiny. My days of not taking you seriously have come to a middle.

Misneach said...


You can't open the book of my life and jump in the middle. Like woman, I am a mystery.