Friday, June 26, 2009

Vanity Items

Little slow on posting this week. Lot going on at the Mis/Cheesi/Baby Tank household and I've been a little under the weather.

I have, however, been playing quite a bit. Nothing terribly exciting, just cranking out dailies and working the AH a bit.

One thing I've recently noticed, however, is a change in my opinion of vanity items.

My wife is a pet collector and my good buddy Eckhart the Hunter (who now has a shiny new 80 Pally as well) is a pet/mount collector. I have never been a collector of either...until I got my epic flyer, that is.

So what changed? Essentially, my opinion of how my money should be spent shifted. The epic flight skill was the last purchase that really affected the efficiency of my character. I bought gear to get me going on heroics, I bought my dual-spec, I spent money on or farmed mats for heroic and raid consumables, I enchanted all of my items, and now I have an epic flyer to do dailies, farm, etc.

If I log on and someone wants to do a heroic or raid, I have everything I need in my bags to go: food, flasks, pots, offspec gear, tabards, repair bots, etc. I wouldn't have to hit the bank or the AH. I'm a Minuteman.

So, as long as I keep enough money on me to handle a night's worth of repairs, I feel like it's time to get some of the things that make the game fun. I hit the auction house the other night and bought a ton of pets that were listed for low prices. Last night, I bought an Armored Brown Bear and am 9 mounts away from getting the Albino Drake. I've also starting to work on the mats for the Chopper.

It's the first time that I've felt I didn't have something hanging over my head, prodding me every time I made a purchase that pushed my goal back another day or two.

This game is supposed to be fun, and, as silly as it sounds, when I mounted up on my Bear last night and rode around Dalaran I was actually having fun.

'Bout time.


holydiscipline said...

While I am not/was not an avid pet collector, I would pick them up here or there and would admire my little growing collection, even if it was growing very slowly. I thought they were cute - I could see the point in collecting them!

Mounts though? I absolutely didn't understand it. Even if it ought to have been an easy correlation, I didn't make it. Why would you spend so much money on so many things that you'll just use one at a time? (Yes, I get the irony. However, I justified it by saying that the majority of pets were unique looking, but you get at least three, if not more, mounts that are identical except for coloring.) I thought it was a waste of time.

Then I saw the Talbuk mounts and saw how cool they looked. I wanted one too! As I went to grind the rep, I went over the color choices and chose ONE color. (Why would I need more?)

Long story short, I now (after all these months) own all the colors of Talbuk mounts. Because IT'S FUN, just like you said. My newest addition is the Silver one and I love running around town on it.

Misneach said...

Exactly! Fun FTW!

I wanted to get the Drake after I got my flyer, so I started buying up all of the Alliance faction mounts, slow and fast. Have I ridden all of them? Nope. Will I? Doubt it...except for the nelf mounts (the fast ones at least...riding on a tiger rawks).

It just kinda cool to be able to switch based on my whims. I even bought the mats to make my epic roflcopter, even though the noise and belching smoke can be intolerable :)

inmysissyrobe said...


This post is nothing but lies!

You "rode" around Dalaran?

Surely you jest.

Don't you mean you limped and stuttered around Dalaran, occasionally discovering yourself nose-first in the nearest wall?!

Misneach said...

You have found me out.

Most amusing was finding myself running along the sides of walls, with my bear perfectly content at a 45 degree angle to the ground.