Monday, June 1, 2009

I Am An Arms Dealer

Fitting you with weapons in the form of Mammoth Cutters.

I threw my hat into the ammunition market this weekend and made a nice chunk of extra income. Selling the aforementioned Mammoth Cutters and Saronite Razorheads is significantly more profitable than simply throwing saronite bars up on the auction house, and if you spend enough time doing dailies in Storm Peaks and Icecrown you'll end up swimming in the stuff.

The Razorheads require 15 saronite bars for a box, which creates two stacks with a thousand arrows each. The Cutters only take 6 saronite bars per box, but you'll have to also throw in some cobalt and crystallized water for the Volatile Blasting Triggers. Either way, you're making money.

On Bloodhoof, saronite bars have been going for about 20-30g per stack. One stack of a thousand arrows or bullets will go for 20-25g. Since you're getting multiple stacks of arrows or bullets per stack of saronite, the extra couple of minutes spent at the anvil adds enough value to give you a nice profit margin.

Beyond the monetary gain, I also had the satisfaction of knowing that somewhere, some hunter was pumping a raid boss full of Misneach brand ammo.

Now I know how Nicolas Cage felt.

Long as the boss gets looted that's just the bidness I'm in.


Rorik said...

Here's some advice from a fellow arms dealer:

Try selling the ammo boxes themselves, you don't need to be an engineer to use it. On a good day, I can sell arrow boxes for around 60 gold each.

Try selling the ammo in stacks of 200 for a higher % price than your stack of 1000 arrows/bullets. Example, if you're selling 1000 arrows at 20 gold, try selling 200 arrows at 5.50 gold (or higher if you can get buyers).

Buy saronite ore when it's low on the weekends and get your stock ready to sell on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. I usually buy when ore is below 17g/stack. That makes my cost per box of arrows 25.5 gold.

If you want to continue selling saronite bars, try listing them in stacks of 1, 2 and 4 for a higher % price than a stack of 20 bars. AH deposits on bars are steep, so don't forget to take that into account.

Misneach said...

Great advice, thank you. I'll give your recommendations a try.

Bloodhoof is notorious for being goofy about prices compared to other servers, so I'll check to see if it makes sense to break down the boxes or sell them whole.

I rarely buy ore because, as I said, after a night of dailies I'm up to my neck in it. I'll have to have a look and see if I can buy and flip like you mentioned.

Again, thanks for the advice :)