Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Posting for the Sake of Posting

I have nothing of importance to talk about. Absolutely nothing.

This past weekend, I tanked some stuff, did some dailies, bought a couple of mounts, etc.

This week I'll probably tank some stuff, do some dailies, maybe pick up a couple more mounts, etc.

Everybody and their mother is talking about patch 3.2. I have nothing to contribute to the conversation. The patch will come, people will complain, we'll all adapt, and life we return to normal.

Everybody's talking about Ulduar progression and what the 3.2 instances will bring. Again, I have nothing to contribute. I haven't seen Ulduar, probably won't, and the same goes for the new stuff.

I apologize for wasting three minutes of your life. Perhaps sometime in the near future my muse will smack me over the head and convince me to write something of value.

For now, I'm in a holding pattern.


Cheesi said...

Well, I have something to say. Happy Birthday, You. I know birthdays depress you, but that's ok. I'm gonna try to make you smile anyway.
Love Ya,

Misneach said...

I was totally trying to keep that a secret from everyone.


Love you, too.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated B-day. :D

Misneach said...

Thanks, man.