Monday, June 8, 2009

Ugg. Tank Happy.

See that? Over on the left?

That's my face right now. Has been since yesterday.


The lovely Cheesi bought me a new computer as a combined Father's Day, Birthday, and Anniversary gift.

This is a big deal. I've been growing increasingly infuriated at the amount of lag I've been getting, especially in Dalaran (less than 1 fps is bad) because of the machine I've been playing on.

The new one makes the old one look like a glorified abacus.

Now, I can reinstall Cartographer and Questhelper (scrapped due to memory usage) and maybe even knock out the Fishing and Cooking dailies in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, I might even be able to do something crazy like, I don't know, run Tweetdeck in the background while I play.

I was downloading the WoW client most of the day yesterday from the website (oh, dear Lord it takes forever) while playing the Sims 3 and running Tweetdeck all simultaneously. I think I even had iTunes running part of the time. No performance issues noted.

Excited Mis? You betcha.

Guess who's gonna be reconfiguring his UI tonight with all sorts of new toys.

Thank you, Baby. Love you.


Cheesi said...

I can't help it. I'll love shockin the crap out of you. What better way than a big box that looks like a cow ( gateway) disquised as a load of groceries I asked you to carry in. Besides, a tank with no lag = a non dead rogue. :D

Colin said...

Haha thats sneaky Cheesi. :D
A pc disguised as a load of groceries. To be expected from a rogue. :D

Cheesi said...

Ty. It was fun.

Misneach said...

I was floored. My jaw hit the driveway.

She's good at that. I never see it coming.

Rorik said...

Awesome gift! Can you give us some specs? My wife and I both play WoW and decided a few years ago that instead of buying a stuffy fancy set of china, we'd get ourselves 2 22" LCD monitors. Best anniversary gift ever. Just remember that if you're using Vista, you have to run Ventrilo in Admin Mode or you'll have major issues with push to talk (if I recall correctly).

koalabear said...

@Rorik you are correct, I had to do the same thing with Vent

Grats dude!! I know you have been waiting for a new computer!

Cheesi you are just awesome

Misneach said...

Going from memory here, forgive me if I'm missing something:

AMD Quad Core (processor speed escapes me)
650GB hard drive
ATI Vid Card (3700?)

Old box only had about 2GB of RAM with no dedicated video memory (hence the horrible fps). This one's got enough power to run the Sims 3 smoothly, which is way more graphic intensive than WoW.

We both run on 22" widescreens. Once you go widescreen, you never go back :) We've gotta buy another one so we can hook up my old box in my kids' room so they can load it up with pictures of the Jonas Brothers or some crap.

Thanks for reminding me about the admin thing for Vent. I think you have to do it for WoW itself, too, right?

Rorik said...

I don't recall running WoW in Admin mode, but I don't see it as a bad thing anyway.

Nice hardware specs by the way.

Misneach said...

Yeah, it's nice to be able to use any addon I want and not have to worry about it hurting my performance. I was able to actually explore Dalaran for the first time.

Nothing like marrying a woman who can anticipate exactly what you want :)

Shopshopshop said...

I recently switched from a 5-year old laptop to a brand new one with 2 more gigs of ram and a lot more random stuff thrown in. 30+ FPS in Dal, no lag in raids (used to be 5-6 FPS in 25 mans)! It's amazing.

Misneach said...

@Shopx3: I used to get horrible fps in 25 mans, too. It's just so much more fun playing the game when you're not cursing at your computer.