Friday, June 5, 2009

Twitter Junkie

Yup, I did it.

Set up a WoW Twitter account. If you're a tweet as well then follow me!

I'm going to try and do my darndest to update this one more often than my personal one, but we'll see how that goes.

Looking forward to your tweets and follows!


Valkure said...

One of my MT has been bugging me to find him prot blogs. I guess he's tired of all the healing stuff I'm always telling him about, on blogs and on twitter!

Welcome to twitterverse!

Misneach said...

Thanks. Bout time I started a WoW Twitter. My "real" one was getting painfully boring :)

Averna said...

I have been avoiding Twitter like the plague... but all the cool blogs seem to be doing it.

I *might* get an account.


I'll need to think about it. >.>

Misneach said...

@Averna: You should. It really is kinda fun.