Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I picked an interesting time to start my WoW blog. First we had several high-profile retirements and now we've got a scandal.

I've been kicking this around, trying to decide whether or not to comment on the whole Ferarro thing. I've decided that, since all the info is out there and many others have offered their opinions, I would keep this post focused on Aggro Junkie.

So, in the interest of full-disclosure:
  1. Aggro Junkie is not written by an attractive woman. Furthermore, it's not written by a man pretending to be an attractive woman. It is written by a not-so-attractive man who elected to post a screenshot of his character in his profile to encourage readers to use their imagination regarding his appearance. That's just better for everybody.
  2. Aggro Junkie is written by one person. Why anybody would think that a collection of pointless, random posts full of useless information and personal crap would require collaboration is beyond me, but I just wanted to throw that out there just in case.
  3. I am not the only person who has a character named Misneach. If you do an armory search, you'll get a handful of other Misneaches (?). I can't even claim to be the first person with that name. I will state, however, that I was not aware of the other Misneaches (that just doesn't sound right) until well after my character had been created. To all the others who share my name, I salute you.
And there you have it. No scandal here.

Not yet anyway.


Jederus said...

That's not what I heardz on teh interwebz. I heard you are actually a squishy holy priest that LOATHES aggro. Film at six o'clock. Your secret is out!!!


Misneach said...

That, sir, is libelous.

Keep it up and you'll be writhing on the floor as I hit you with a Shadow Word:Pa...uhhh...Shield Slam?...or uhhh...

Aw, crap.