Friday, August 28, 2009

Hypothetical Number Crunching

Or: Proof that everyone and everything is out to get me.

Emblems needed for my new chestpiece.



Emblems I currently have.



Emblems I would have if I would have been able to
complete UK last night but couldn't because of a storm-induced power outage.



Emblems I would have if I would have had enough time to
complete UK with enough time left over for a quick Nexus, which didn’t happen
because of a storm-induced power outage and some kind of



Emblems actually needed.



Emblems needed if, hypothetically, I didn't get screwed
by technology, weather, and/or




koalabear said...

Yeah we got lucky and Dily logged in like 5 mins after we lost you.

We finished up UK, went to CoS where Nite got the drake, and Eck got pissed at Blizzard again. Then we switched up some characters and re-did VH for the people who needed the daily who didn't come the first time.

Sorry dude

Tamarind said...

Emblems - they are sent not only to try but to drive us slowly, hair-tearingly maaaaad. Assuming we are not there already of course.

It's the squirrels, I tell you, those damn squirrels! With their little berets and their busy tails and their overly protruding front teeth, they're not to be trusted, not be trusted!

*gibber ... wibble etc etc.*

Pookers The Druid said...

I laughed bro i know its not funny but that stinks lol