Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Starting From Scratch

Things are going nicely, so far, with the new guild. Hopefully the honeymoon doesn't end for a very, very long time.

As far as progression goes, I wanted to start from scratch and work our way up. This week, we're hitting OS, maybe VoA, and Naxx. I'm looking forward to the satisfaction of seeing EoF down the bosses and marking them off of our website's progression widget.

We have some very well-geared guildies, many who need nothing from Naxx or OS, so hopefully that will help move our progression along quicker considering we're getting a very late start.

We may never get to the point where we have the personnel for 25-mans, but for right now I'm happy just to plow through the 10-man content and see how far we can go.


Strumpet said...

Sounds tons of fun!!

Misneach said...

Fun, stressful, tons of fun, and worth it :)

koalabear said...

I wouldn't call this weekend's stuff as true progression runs.

I think we should view it as a warm up.

Start the progression next week.

We did only form less than a week ago. :D

We will have several fresh 80s on these runs, so to expect them to be geared to the nines is kinda tough.

Id love to have the "best" geared be the ones in the progression runs, but I think that might be setting things up in bad form a bit. That kind of alienates the people who haven't run that much lately right off the bat.

Lets just use this week as a gearing up week for the undergeared, and start next week as the "true" progression week.

Im just bummed I will miss next week's runs :(

Misneach said...

If Sarth dies and it's a 2/3 EoF run at least, it's a progression run and his name is getting crossed off :)

We've got a good balance of fresh 80's and well-geared folks, so we'll do fine. Just need the turnout.

*prays for a good turnout*

koalabear said...

At last look we had:

Me (On Tatia)
I think Ness

Thats it

Do you think you can wrangle Willy into coming and healing?

Misneach said...

Hope so. That's a whole lot of melee. Maybe Vel or Jaz can heal, but we can talk about it tonight or something.

koalabear said...

Just in case you didnt know, you can now view events on the calendar from the armory.

But if work blocked the armory then you are SoL

Jaz said...

I'll try and see if I can make it on Friday but I usually cant make the 8:30 pm server time raids because I'll be making dinner. I dont usually get back until 5 pm my time which is 8:00 pm server time.

Jaz said...

Oh Mil you know whats cool? There is an Armory app for the iPhone and I just realized a week ago that you can view and sign up for raids through the iPhone. Its SWEET! :D

koalabear said...

@ jaz - yeah I knew about that, only I dont have an iPhone so I tend to not think about it lol