Friday, August 21, 2009

I Am Not Needy

A little clingy at times, maybe, but not necessarily Needy.

We didn't have enough people to raid last night, so we settled on some easy heroics for Emblems. First we hit Violet Hold, where I finally got to fight Moragg. So, after running VH 137,256 times, I got the achievement.

25 minutes or so. 3 easy Emblems. What's next?

Well, Briele and I both needed to log at about 11:30 server, and since we didn't start Violet Hold until a little later than we had hoped we decided to run a quick Nexus. That's become my favorite Emblem farming instance.

Fairly standard run. More easy emblems.

We did have an amusing moment during the Telestra fight due to unfortunate sheeping. Her favorite targets last night were Bri and me...which is a tad bit frustrating. During her first split phase, we lost a DPS. During the last one, we lost the other two DPS.

Still, with no one left but a Prot Warrior and a Holy Priestess, she died. Took a while, but she died.

I've fought Keri a bunch of times, and each time the Flame-Bathed Steel Girdle dropped there was a DPS plate-wearer in the group who needed it. Finally, since Eck's Pally already had it, I was able to Need on it and add it to my off-set.

And that's when I blew my load. Rolled a 100, got the Needy achievement, and ensured that all of my rolls in the near future will be single-digit.

Still, it was a very fun, productive evening.

This weekend I'm hoping to do some ToC farming for The Black Heart and any other tank stuff I can get my grubby hands on. I also want to grab as many Emblems as possible to make up for the time I lost this week.


@valkyrierisen said...

Woo Congrats!

Misneach said...

:) Thanks.

Had a good time. Nice and laid back.

I also really like getting achievements by accident.

Trisk said...

Was interested in reading this post. Got here from Have been new to tanking, only really been playing for 7 months or so. I have a question. Is it "normal" to lose a couple of players in an instance, and does the group get all pissed when it happens? Have had a couple of experiences where tried to tank an instance (limited success) and others have crapped all over me. Kind of turned me off heroics. Trying to build and get experience in tanking, but also have some fun. Any thoughts?

Misneach said...

@Trisk: First of all, welcome. Glad you're here.

One thing you'll learn is that groups of less "informed" players will blame the tank for just about anything bad that happens.

Also, if you're pugging an instance, 95% of the time you're dealing with people who just want to get in, get their badges, and get out...not a lot of patience.

My advice is to keep truckin'. Tanking is've spent 80 levels playing a certain way and all of a sudden you're doing something entirely different. Keep practicing, keep reading sites like tankingtips (which has been a great source for me), and keep your chin up.

Pugging can make you a better tank, but it can also be the worst thing imaginable. Try to run with guildies or people who you already know, and explain to anyone who's new to you that you're a new tank, so be patient. You'd be amazed how far that goes. I still say it when doing an instance I've never done.

Anyway, sorry for the huge response. If you'd like to talk further, feel free to shoot me an email at

Trisk said...

Thanks for the response. Glad to hear that it is a problem specific to myself. Not saying that I am blameless, but good to hear that may be a number of factors. Will take your advice and soldier on.

Will keep reading and tanking.

Misneach said...

Glad to help. All of us have had runs break down. All of us have screwed up pulls (I butchered one in H UK last night: bad positioning, got knocked out of line of sight of the healer, died). Tanking is hard and takes practice, but don't let asshats bring you down.