Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Keeping Up With the Mages

I mentioned to Nibuca on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that I wasn't a big fan of hanging around Dalaran because the stuck-up Kirin Tor Mages look at me like I'm typical Elwynn white trash.

Well, I've pushed myself to the limit trying to rise above that stereotype. I've not only worked my fingers to the bone as a Dwarven-trained Miner, but I've also learned the fine art of Engineering from our Gnomish allies.

And what do I have to show for all the backbreaking work and long nights studying?

With a little luck hunting down the schematic and Cheesi's assistance in acquiring the materials, I've got a butler.

Yeah...a butler. And he's frickin' rocket-powered.

There you go, Dalaran. Take your fancy floating city and stick it.


Valdesta said...

Congratz on the Butler! One of our Engineers brought their Butler out last night in raid and I got a decent picture of a bunch of us crowded around him, and a nice close-up shot of him too. I'll upload it soon to Flickr :)

Always nice to have portable repairs!

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Misneach said...

Thanks :)

Engineers are the most popular people in the raid when they say "I can drop a bot."

This bot, though, makes the other ones look like toasters. The bank access is golden.

Alas, your blog is blocked at work, but I can still get it from my reader and I'll be sure to blogroll you. Are you the same wowgrrl from Twitter?