Friday, August 14, 2009

A Real Titan

As a Bard class IRL I wanted to throw a quick post up here regarding the loss of one of the greats.

In a world where people think the Jonas Boneheads are geniuses this may go somewhat unnoticed, which is truly unfortunate, but Les Paul passed away.

Les Paul was a catalyst in the early development of solid-body electric guitars, and finally convinced Gibson to create one after Fender developed theirs. Appropriately, Gibson named the guitar the "Les Paul Standard." If you're not a guitarist and are wondering what one looks like, Slash usually plays one...along with guitarists all over the world.

Not only was he an incredibly influential guitarist, but he invented many of the recording techniques we take for granted today: overdubbing, delay effects, and multitrack recording.

Some people sit and bang on their guitars and try to learn to play scales as fast as they can. Some people transcend the mechanics of playing the instrument and go beyond the scales and modes to truly innovate in the most honest, pure sense of the word.

We've lost a real Titan...and yeah, he dropped loot. He's left behind tools that have forever changed the music industry and a legacy that will never be forgotten.

RIP Mr. Polsfuss.

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koalabear said...

Thats sad to hear. You are probably right that it wont get much coverage.

Which I think is even sadder