Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lousy High Elves

So I spent some time with Cheesi picking out a new graphics card for her and installing it on her machine. We're now both rockin' 1080p. I can even see Mis's bald spot.

I logged in for about an hour last night. No lag issues, but I did have a queue to deal with. No biggie.

Bought the new Nelf mount that I'll never ride, learned the new Engineering schematics, and headed up to the AT grounds to see this fancy new Coliseum that I helped those lazy Goblins build by chopping down trees and blowing up blocks and such. The Goblins may not spend a lot of time celebrating your assistance, but they pay well.

I wandered about and picked up the dailies as well as the quest to go to the Black Knight's grave. I didn't do any of the dailies but considered at least continuing the saga of Misneach kicking the crap out of the Black Knight...until I saw that one person was doing the quest and there were about 5 people flying above the grave site waiting for their turn. To heck with that. He'll still be dead tomorrow.

And then I found the Silver Covenant Quartermaster. I've been exalted with these guys for a while and finally have somebody who's willing to offer me items of immeasurable power as a reward for my loyal and dedicated service.

So what do they have for me, a champion of the Silver Covenant? A weapon imbued with the arcane mastery of the High Elves? Armor to shield me from the magical attacks of the Scourge and the Cult of the Damned? A trinket sautéed in magicawesomesauce?

Nope. Some livestock and a tabard.



I suppose I can at least try to chuck the horse at Arthas or something.

Anyway, Ratshag posted a wonderful rant about the Call of the Crusade. Go. Read. Laugh.

Misneach out.

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